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We're spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches and with 40 kilometres of coastline on our doorstep, it's hard to visit just one. Whether it's swimming, fishing, kayaking, kite-flying, picnicking, horseback riding, or dog walking, let our map direct you to all the sand and surf that Kāpiti has to offer.

Our beaches are clean and it’s usually safe for a swim and other water-based fun. Sometimes the weather and other things can change that, but you can check ‘is it safe to swim?’ anytime on the Greater Wellington water quality map.


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Paekākāriki is an ideal beach for swimming, surfing, and taking in the distant views of the South Island while the music of the surf breaks on the beach.
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Raumati Beach
In Te Reo, Raumati is the Māori word for summer, and this beautiful spot epitomises everything we love about summertime on the Kāpiti Coast. Raumati Beach is the perfect place to swim, fish, or just chill out with your whanau.
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Paraparaumu Beach
Some of the most visited coastline in Kāpiti is at Paraparaumu Beach. It's a popular spot for building sandcastles, fishing, boating, and kayaking. You often see people with crab or flounder fish nets knee-deep in the surf, and collecting shellfish here.
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Waikanae Beach
This wide expanse of uncrowded beach is great for swimming, relaxing, or having a long, leisurely stroll. If you're lucky, you might spy a whale or dolphin swimming through the Rauoterangi Channel.
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Peka Peka
This stunning and relaxed beach offers warm coastal waters for swimming, and offers a lovely long beach for lazy strolls, walking your dog, and horse riding. It is well known for its soft sand, unique shells, and bounty of driftwood.
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Te Horo
Te Horo is a spectacular beach off the beaten track offering easy access to the coast’s bridleways for horse riding in and around the beach. It's also a great spot for checking out the rugged beauty offered up by Kāpiti's seemingly endless beach stones.
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Ōtaki Beach
Ōtaki Beach is the perfect spot to put your recreational fishing skills to the test and snap up some delicious seatrout or flounder. If fishing isn’t your thing, the surf might catch your board's attention.
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