On the beach


Our furry four-legged friends love the beach just as much as we do. If you're planning on taking your pooch to the beach we do ask that you take a few simple steps to help ensure everyone can enjoy the beach space comfortably together. 

Top tips

  1. Some people are nervous around dogs, so brush up on the summer rules for where your dog can be on and off leash, and keep your walk a stress-free one. 
  2. Pick up your dog’s poo and take it home – it makes the beach safer and more pleasant for everyone, especially little ones playing in the sand.
  3. Carry extra poo bags to give to other dog-walkers who've forgotten theirs. You never know who you might meet!
  4. Make sure your furry friend is always under control while you're out and about. 


Horses and beaches go together like hokey pokey and ice cream – but to keep all beach-users safe it's good to remember where and when you can take your horses on the beach during summer. 

Top tips

  1. Act smart and be aware of what's around you. Dogs and cars on our beaches can spook horses. Horses are large animals – please make sure that yours are 100% under your control when you're enjoying the beach together. 
  2. There're lots of dunes full of important native nesting birds and plants all along the Kāpiti Coast – please don't ride through them, horse hooves are big and fast. 
  3. Some threatened birds nest in the sand by the Waikanae River mouth, so take care when passing through the sandspit.
  4. With the change in seasons, check exactly where and when you can ride your horse on Kāpiti’s beaches.


Kāpiti beaches are community spaces, and we all need to do our bit so everyone can enjoy them safely. 

There are access points dotted all along the beach making accessibility to most spots convenient and easy on foot. Look out for the blue BEACH ACCESS posts. Kāpiti beaches aren’t roads, so leave cars and motorbikes behind when you visit the beach. 

Check out vehicles on the beach to learn more about what the Kāpiti community expects.