Dogs on leashes

“Isabelle Maloret loves getting out and about with her pooch Codi and is keen for our community to do the same - while being considerate of others and respecting the rules.

Codi is lead reactive meaning she can respond enthusiastically to people and other dogs when walking on leash.

“I work really hard to calm her when passing other dogs, I even cross the road, go up driveways, divert behind bushes. I keep away from the beach at really busy times - all to try and keep her calm and have a pleasant walk,” says Isabelle.

“There are many reasons why people leave their dogs on lead and I know I haven't been perfect either and she has gone up to other dogs and people when off lead before I have had the chance to grab her. But there are quite a few people down at the beach with their dogs that don't seem to really care what their dog is doing - it is those people I would really like to reach and ask to be a bit more considerate.”

Codi also has an aggressive form of cancer and Isabelle wants to ensure the rest of her days are spent doing the things she loves including walks on the beach but has unfortunately experienced some close-calls in recent days thanks to other walkers having their dogs off leash in areas they shouldn’t be and not having control.

Isabelle doesn’t want to spoil anyone’s time with their dogs – just the opposite in fact. She wants everyone to enjoy themselves and be safe doing so.

“If we could all just have a bit more consideration and thought that would be lovely,” says Isabelle.

A big thank you to Isabelle and Codi for sharing their story with us.

We have plenty of off leash areas in Kāpiti for dogs and owners to enjoy, but outside these areas, dogs need to be on leash in our public spaces. This includes shared pathways, parks and footpaths.

Everyone has the right to enjoy our public spaces and the rules are there to protect all users, both two-legged and four-legged. 

If you’re a dog owner, brush up on the rules for where your dog can be on and off leash, and keep your walk a stress-free one. Summer time restrictions in some popular beach locations between 10am and 7pm are now in effect. You’ll see our team out and about this week reminding dogs owners in those areas of the rules.”